Monday, July 27, 2009

10 MINUTE STORM and a little dream

On my way home from work I drove though a really bad storm. I got to my mothers to pick up Josh. When I got home John told me he had to clean up the yard because of the storm. The storm lasted about 10 minutes. He had to pick up all four chairs that go around our outdoor table set. The swing that two people can sit on got blown apart. He had to find the springs that hold it together. Our tomato plants got a beaten. My poor sunflowers were laying on the ground I hope they make it.

Josh and I went on our daily walk around the block. He brought the camera so he could take picture of other lawns that still had a mess.
This is on the road, Josh pick up all the stuff that was in the road so car wouldn't have to go around it.
On our walk we past a house that I can't help but stare at as we go by. Its for sale!!! I have always wanted a yellow house. I don't know why I just love yellow. This house looks like it would have great detailed woodwork inside. I want to walk up and look inside but I just don't feel right even if no one is living there. Plus it would just make me want it even more and I can't have it.

This house used to have beautiful flower gardens, when the people lived there. I wish we could buy it. I hate that I have no shade to grow anything. I hate that there is only 4 car widths between the houses here and no trees. This yellow house has great big trees and a one car garage, not that we would put any cars in it. We could put all Josh's bikes, John motorcycle, mowers, garden stuff and so on. I know dream away, dream away and stop writing about it!!!
So........ when I was done with this blog up top I took a closer look at the picture of the house. I zoomed in on the roof and stuff to see what kind of shape it was in. I zoomed in on the very top window!!!! if you look in the right top pain of glass you will see a face in the bottom right of the pain!!!!!!! I showed John and he said "I guess you don't want the house anymore!!!"

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Jeanne said...

We had a bad storm come here too today. Very unsettled weather patterns. I'm pretty tired of them how about you? Couldn't enlarge the picture of the house to see but that sounds pretty creepy.