Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was told today by a friend that I know, that a girl that we both know said something about my blog. I'm not going to say any names because I have more class then that. You know who you are if your reading this. My blogs may not be filled with fun and exciting news. It has a touch of down to earth family stuff.

It was said that my life is not busy, meaning I have no life so, I have the time to sit and blog. For one it doesn't take long to write a blog. I find it relaxing to write and show off pictures that I have taken. The funny part is the person that said this stuff has the time to sit and read my blog. How ironic!!!!

I feel that I have a great life. I come home to a HUSBAND!!, and a CHILD that love me. I come home to a house of my own that I work hard for. I don't go out every night looking for things to fill any voids in my life. It doesn't matter how many friends you have. As long as the ones you do have are true and not fake. I have just enough to be there for me and for me to be there for them. I don't talk about people behind their backs. I don't act like they are my friends if they are not. I'm myself and that is what a true person is!!

So with that said, the people who do read my blog I hope I make you laugh a little, and sometime are able to get something out of my blog that will help you in your own life. It's just for fun anyways!!


lee and hannah said...

aww... what kind of person would say something mean about someone who likes to blog... i think of it like sewing, journaling, or even scrapbooking... its a HOBBY! ...they need to get over theirselves...they're probably not saavy enough to MAKE a blog!

...don't worry about whoever did it... just keep doin' what you're doin'! i like your blog :)

Barbara said...

Don't worry about those who have the time or the stupidity to talk about you or your blog. Perhaps such a person should try it themselves to see how much fun it can be to share with others....or do they prefer to just talk behind people's backs? As you know, I also blog on a regular basis along with my two grown daughters. Since we started, it has been a wonderful way to stay in touch since we live far apart and I will keep doing it. As far as "not having a life", blogging has only enhanced it! So you go for it and to h*ll (I would fill in the middle letter but I have more class than that)with this person. To him or her, I say....obviously you don't have a life either if you can find the time to read this get over it! And, Nobody MAKES you read it so switch sites or turn off your computer!

Jeanne said...

They're just jealous cause not only do you have an awesome life but you have online friends who like to share it with you. And everyone can use as many friends as possible. {{HUGS}}