Sunday, July 26, 2009


This was a small party that we had for Josh..Posted by Picasa
Josh had two of his friend come over at 3:00pm on Saturday. I let Josh have control over what time things should be done and how. When both boy were here Josh gave them their little thank you for coming gifts. Then off to the skate park that is just down the road. They came back for a drinks and they were off again. They came back for good around 7:00pm. We order two pizzas. Not much was eaten. Then the boys played with Lego for a long time. Josh asked if we could have a fire. So we did! In the gift bags there were sparklers that we got at the dollar store and will never buy again. They made so much smoke it wasn't funny. They didn't stay burning, the boys had to keep relighting them. The fire lasted about 10 minutes then they wanted to go in. That made John and I mad because it took over 10 minutes to get the fire going because the wood was wet!!! Needles to say the fire went right out because the wood was so wet. Then it was time for cake. Josh was dying to have this cake. We let him pick it out when we went shopping. It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate jimmy, and chips. OH MY!!!! Well Josh was the only kid who had any because one couldn't have frosting, it would make him sick, and other didn't like chocolate!!!!! WHAT EVER!!! As long as my kid was happy I was happy. Not that I didn't feel for the other two kids I offered them other stuff but they didn't want it. The thing that did make me sad was Josh didn't want candles on the cake. I guess he didn't want to look uncool in front of his friends? I don't know, I didn't ask questions just let him do what he felt comfortable with. After cake they went back down stair to play Lego and what not. I went to bed. Josh was told they could go to bed what ever time they wanted as long as they weren't to noisy. Well it's now 10:37am Sunday and they still haven't gone to bed!!!! I can't wait to take a nap!!!!! I couldn't sleep last night because I wanted to make sure things were OK.
We wanted Josh to have fun because John and I are going to be going to TN the weekend we would have had a party for him. We plan on having a family party when we get back. We just didn't want his cousins to feel upset not being able to sleep over too. They are girls and younger and there was not way I was doing that. So with all that said that was Josh's little party!!
Oh ya, the clover in the picture is one I found walking out to the fire pit. I was looking at the ground as I walked and stepped over it, then I step backwards to see if I could spot it again and I did!! If you look close it is a five leaf clover, does that mean more luck?!!
Here are the boys with the smoking sparklers.

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Jeanne said...

Hey as long as the kids had fun whatever. hehe That cake does look yummy!