Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I can't remember the last time I saw the sun!! Maine has got way to much rain the past few weeks. So much it is drowning my plants!! So much rain and wind a tree at my mother's house was up rooting and tipping over and branches breaking off .
Joshua text me at work about the tree, but there was nothing I could do at the time. After work I helped my brother Glen take care of it. We had to take down part of her fence and move the swing set for an area for the tree to fall. Glen chained the tree to another tree to make sure it would not hit the house if it fell the wrong way. He then stood back to make sure everything was in place before cutting. Glen is very safe when he is using a chain saw, he really thinks it through before just going at it.
As he begins to cut the wind started to pick up! I could see the tree moving a lot. I didn't like that the tree was moving so much as he was cutting it. It was a big heavy tree. To think about everything that could go wrong. It went as planned.
And there you have it. DOWN for the count. Nathan wanted to be just like daddy.
Glen cut off the branches, I pulled them into the woods, piled small and big pieces of wood for the fire pit.

Sad to see the tree go. That was the tree we would hang the birthday balloons after party and let them be out side for a few days, then mom would get sick of them hanging and let Josh go out with a pin and pop them all really fast. I guess we will have to find another tree!! Sorry Josh.

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Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats!

Thank you for your sweet comment. I am feeling stronger each day and happy to be home!