Saturday, June 27, 2009


Friday I got to go to work early because Josh spent the night at my mothers. That allowed me to get out of work early!! It wasn't sunny but it was hot. I met Josh and my mother down at my brother Glen's house because the kids wanted to swim. I stop at the house to get my "other kid" Sadie (the dog). They played for a while in the water, until the thunder started and they had to get out. Josh, Sadie, and I went home to meet John so we could head to Portland to go to Target. Hannah another blog posted these shoes. I fell in love with them and need to get my own.
Well, they didn't have my size WHAT EVER. I guess everyone else read her blog and got them before me, or everyone has size 8 feet. So the trip wasn't all lost, we went out for dinner too. Thanks to gift cards that Bo and Tony gave us for our Anniversary.(Thank you!!!!) We went to Chilli's. Josh had no idea what to get...
We all order. John and I got one plate each with our dinner. Josh order Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese sandwich, and Chicken fingers. They all came with a side, he picked slices of oranges for two, and corn on the cob. What a little piggy!! He ate all the oranges, and his Grilled Cheese, some of the Mac & Cheese. Didn't touch his chicken finger or corn. Now he has lunch for Saturday!!!
My dinner was yummy. Chicken Tacos, with rice and black beans for a side.
John had Salmon with a side of broccoli. That picture didn't come out.
After dinner we went to Cabela's
In the parking lot we saw one of those new Barbie Cars.


lee and hannah said...

worn my shoes for a SOLID week now... and my feet feel great... but my cheeks are starting to hurt because i've smiled so much! :)

did you get any??? i went friday to see about possibly getting a 2nd pair and they're already 30% off!!! :) yippeee!

SillyShelly said...

EVERYONE is a size 8 it seems!

We call those cars SmartCars down here. There is actually alot of room inside them, although they're a little bit creepy :)

lee and hannah said...

i bumped up to the 8.5...for extra roomy comfort! (i'm regularly an 8!) ...those smart cars just look so funny to me! they did a report on the news here recently that showed they got terrible safety ratings! its basically just as safe as a golf cart...flying down the highway! lol