Monday, June 22, 2009


June 21 was our 6 year Wedding Anniversary. We had a B.B.Q. with some of our friends and family. Being we had a Hawaiian theme wedding I wanted the same theme for our B.B.Q. We had a lot of fun. I made cupcakes that looked like little islands. With gram crackers for the sand and blue colored sugar for the water.
John did the cooking on the grill!! I had the kids take the pictures. Some came out great others, not so much, but they had fun doing it..
The back ground in this next picture is my neighbor's yard. They like to put cars that don't run in the back yard. That's why we need a shed and a fence bad.

We had a fire in the fire pit. Everyone seemed to have fun! I just forgot to take pictures like I usually do. I had my hands around something else that night. You would think it would have been my husband but we were to busy talking with our people. I had my hands around a cold glass of yummy stuff that John kept refilled. I love my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeanne said...

Happy anniversary! Looks and sounds like a fun time. Good for you! p.s. tried sending those pics but got a mail failure message. will try re-sizing and see if that works.

Alessia said...

Hi! Thanks for adding me to the blogs you follow! And what a lovely family you have...