Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today Josh got to dress up as a grown up. That Worked Out. He pick Lawyer. He said he was going to sue everyone and get their money. After dropping Josh off I picked up my mom to go to Lowe's. We stopped at my brother Glen's house to see him because he had called. We got to see his deck that he is working on. This picture was taken the other day. I just wanted you to see it. Deck is Working Out. After that we were on our way to Lowe's to get some bird seed and a metal holder, because my mother got me a bird feeder for my birthday (tomorrow). I wanted the feeder to be seen from inside the living room. Well it wasn't tall enough. Somethings Don't Work Out.

After shopping I had to pick Josh from school. While I was with my mother early we talked about meeting after I get Josh to go to Young's Green House. That's where the upside down trees are. We wanted to look at flowers. That Worked Out. This place has got 10 or more green houses, flowers in between the green houses, in front and behind them. All I could say is WOW!!


I'm telling you 10 or more green houses just like this!!! Great plants at great prices!!!
Josh was a big help so that Worked Out. Not that the flowers were that heavy but the cart was. He also had fun playing around.
When we were checking out he saw a neat looking bike and asked if he could ride it. The woman there said yes if it was OK with me. So I let him for a few minutes. After riding Josh asked if he could buy it. The woman joking said $50.00. So I asked Josh if he had $50.00 and he said no. So I said I don't either. I told Josh I would like to take a picture of him and dad could try to find one like it.
After taking the picture I put the camera in my hand bag and was picking up my flowers. The next thing I know the woman is standing next to me asking what I'm driving. I didn't understand her and said "What??". She said again "What are you driving?" I told her a van. She then said "He can have it" I looked at her with surprise, and said again "WHAT oh no we couldn't do that" Mean while Josh jumping up and down with the biggest smile I have ever seen, saying "Yes mommy pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mommy please!!!!!. The woman said that they would never be able to sell it and it's just in the way, please take it. So we did. SOMETHINGS DO WORK OUT!! Josh is going to write a BIG thank you note and we are going to take it back tomorrow.

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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great day celebrating.

Those flowers are beautiful. Looks like you hit the jackpot there.

Wow some things suure do work out. That is one cool bike. How generous of that lady to do that.