Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Project and I NEED YOUR HELP

I know two posts in one day. I just couldn't help it.

I have a great idea for my computer/craft room. Let me know what you think, and your ideas. This is the room now on one side of the room.This is how I would like it to look. All my craft and art stuff on one side of the room. On white bookcases, with a white desk top with glass set on top for easy clean up after painting, using glue and what not. Maybe two stools painted a color that pops (Have any ideas on what color??) I got the bookcase idea from Pottery Barn.
Right now the other side of the room it looks like this.I would like the computer to go in the corner where my chicken cabinet is now. But in something like this. So when not in use it can be closed up.This is where I hang a lot of Josh's artwork. Plus I have some childhood toys I want to put on top of the bookcases. I would also like to get matching baskets or boxes for my crafts and stuff so it doesn't look to busy or an eye sore. Something along the lines of these. I'm going to keep the room the light yellow because I want it to be bright. I just don't know what to use for the other colors in the room (like for the baskets) I was thinking blues and browns, or blues and greens. Please tell me what you think. Should I do solid colors on the baskets so it doesn't take away from Josh's art work. I don't want the room to be to busy. I want it calming and peaceful. It's where I do my writing, art work, bills, and blogging. It's the room I spend the most time in. I want it to look like it came out of the Pottery Barn catalog.

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