Sunday, June 14, 2009


My birthday was the 12Th. It started off raining. The night before my brother Glen and I talked about going fishing! I was sad when I got up and it was raining because I thought he wouldn't go in the rain. I didn't care I just wanted to go fishing!! I got to his house around 8:30am, by 9:30am we were on the lake. You can see the rain on the water. Glen found a great place to fish. Can't tell you where because then I would have to kill you. My fish I tell you, MY FISH!!! After a while the rain stopped!! Yea, and the fish were biting. I was getting them left and right. I would think I had one is would pull and I would reel it in only for it to let go. Over and over this happened, I was getting very mad at that damn fish. Glen too was getting bites, only he got one a bass. The funny thing is I graded my camera to take a picture of it when he pulls it out of the water. When Glen was reeling it in, it jumped out of the water right into the middle of a stump from a tree.

So in the picture Glen doesn't look to happy, but he was. I was very happy for him. Now I wanted a fish more then anything!! My goal was to get that one fish that kept playing with my line!!!!

So Glen got another fish!!! A pickerel. Those fish have teeth!!! The look like they have a duck bill. After that I finely got my bass. That little sucker is lucking we were putting back what we caught because I really wanted him on my dinner plate bad!!!Yes I was very happy, but it don't look it in this picture?! I think that's when the sun started to come out?! Or maybe it's because I was hoping the fish was going to be bigger with all the troubles I had with it.

By the time we headed back the sun was out.

After fishing at 2:00pm I headed home so I could get Josh at school. Josh got packed up to go to my mothers for the night because John was taking me to dinner. I know it was my birthday but John was using a gift card for Ruby Tuesday. Plus he got a coupon for buy a dinner get one free. We couldn't beat that. On the way to dinner we pasted a driving range.

That was so much fun. After we whack a few balls we headed for dinner. It was very yummy. I didn't care for the prices but we had the gift card and coupon. The good thing was we only paid $8.00 for the tip!! You can't beat that deal. It would have come out to be $42.00!! Now I could get more for my buck if we went to the store and made it ourselves. I know it would come out just as good because John would cook it!!

All and all it was a great birthday!! Thank you John for taking me to dinner, Josh for the beautiful ring you got me, Glen for taking me fishing, and Mom for watching Josh!! You guys made my day.

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Laura Vigliarolo said...

sounds like youhad a great birthday, by the way I won't tell anyone where your great fishing spot is....:)