Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm at a lost for words!! I can't think of anything that has been going on. I haven't done anything new because I've have to take it easy because I hurt my back moving the stuff in the kitchen. I want to paint the living room really bad now but I can't because of my back. I tried working in my garden, I plated all the seeds I had, watered them and weeded.

Oh ya baseball is a big thing in our family right now. That is something that is taking a lot of time up, but I love it. It's 4 days a week. Tonight we have a game. I say we because everyone gets involved. I love yelling at the kids,"you little $#%*. NO Just kidding you know what I mean. Go ______!!, Good Job!, RUN!!, RUN!!, RUN!!. STOP PLAYING IN THE DIRT!! GET READY!! It's the in thing, everyone is doing it. It's so much fun. It's the only place I feel comfortable yelling out load.

Josh is also in band.He plays the trumpet. There was a Band Concert last week. He is in the very middle, in the back row of this picture. He doesn't look to happy only because I got up in front of everyone that was there to take a picture of him. I guess he is at that age where you just can't do things like that anymore, Ya right!! He'll get over it!! RIGHT???? I would never do anything to make him really embarrass.


The other day I walked into the computer room and found.....GIZMO our kitty.

A few weeks ago Josh and I went into a pet store because he wanted to see fish.

Have you ever seen so many fish in one tank?? I guess the poor things are feeder fish:(

We also come across a lizard. Do you see him?

Well, I guess I found things to write about.


I'm back !! Hours later. I got some wash done and saw what a beautiful day it was. So I took Sadie up to my mother to play with Lacey (who is now a year old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEY). As I waked through the woods with Sadie I was taking pictures. They looked good when I look at them on my camera. So I get home and find out that my camera really sucks. I see all these beautiful pictures from other blogs. They show great detail. Look what mine does.

Everything but the flower looks good. I wanted it the other way around. I know that my camera is 10 years old and only 2 megapixes (sad I know). But it used to take great pictures. Some do come out OK. I can't wait for a new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

if you are ever bored, you should come see me, im bored too!!!!!!!

lee and hannah said...

on the camera issue try selecting the "macro" feature...its the little tulip flower (usually paired with the "infinity" feature--mountains) ...this allows you to take pictures of things w/ the focus up front...for the closer stuff!! :) hope that helps!!

sorry you hurt your back!! get well've got so many projects you wanted to do! bummer! and i know it can't make it easy working in your yard!!

Jeanne said...

Honey I get the same thing with my camera even using the macro sometimes. I line up what I want in focus with the x right on it. Look at it on the computer and the background looks crystal clear but that flower, seed, whatever I wanted fuzzy as a pair of old socks. 'sigh' Don't sweat it, it happens to us all at some time or another.