Sunday, May 10, 2009


I will fill you in on my Yummy Mother's Day. It started off on Saturday evening, my brother Glen and his wife Denise had us over for dinner because they were having a dinner for her mother Joy, Lobster!!!

This morning John made me breakfast not in bed because I really don't like that, Josh was still at his fathers :( Because it was his weekend. Around noon John picked up Josh and took him food shopping so Josh could pick out what ever he wanted to make me for lunch. Josh did a great job, he pick tacos in a wrap. I love tacos.

For dinner John cooked pasta. We also had my mother over . Yummy!!!!

The best thing about all this good cooking is that is was done in a beautiful kitchen!!! Here are the before and after pictures. In the pictures the color looks really orange because of the flash. It's a color I have never done before. I also used a sponge the knifed it with two different coats of color. I love it. We also got the back splash for the stove at Lowe's that was a part of my Mother's Day gift.

I have fallen in love with the Rust-Oleum Copper spray!! It is so easy to use.

Do you think it would work on my van??!!!!!!!! The last thing I need to spray is the light over the kitchen table. I would like to spray the bakers rack black to match the other iron stuff in the kitchen.

My next project is to paint the hutch bottom that we have, that has no top to the hutch. I'm going to paint green over black then scuff it, and then wax it. Just like I did to the Jelly Cabinet in the corner in the picture. We plan to make it an island with a new top so we can sit at it, and in its place we want to put a small bookcase for our school bags, shoes and a place for the cats to eat so the dog can't get to the food.

The last two things we would love for the kitchen is new counter tops and floors!! But I don't see that happening anytime soon $$$$!!!

This was the best Mother's Day ever. Oh ya John and Josh got me gifts for Mother's Day too. Candles, a DS Light Game from John but Josh plays it too, seeds, and donuts. So now I'm a fat and happy mom!!! with a beautiful kitchen.


lee and hannah said...

ohhh i love the kitchen upgrades!! and LOBSTER!?! that's got to be a bonus of living in Maine!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, that came out way different than i was thinking, you did a really good job! now can you come over, is the house clean yet? lol

SillyShelly said...

Your kitchen looks great!! I especially like the backsplash!! Awesome job!

Happy Mothers Day to you! (a little late) :)