Thursday, May 14, 2009


Josh plays baseball of the town. The name of the team is RED SOCKS, or some call them the REDS. Don't ask their young. This was Josh's 3rd game. They won the 1st game, lost the 2ND I think because I wasn't there, and last night they won!! 13 to 2. What a long game that was. We had to be there for warm-ups at 5:00 pm, the games don't start until 6:00 pm. The game didn't end until a little before 8:00 pm. That is when Josh goes in his room and reads until 8:30 pm and goes to bed.

Now on Monday when we had practice the coach told the kids if they win the next game he will take them for ICE CREAM. That's all he had to say. At the start of Wednesdays game one of the kids(not Josh if you can believe that) yelled out, "WIN FOR ICE CREAM". That's all the kids kept talking about the whole game. Having 13 young boys eating ICE CREAM at 8:00 pm at night isn't the best thing to do. They were running all over the ICE CREAM store parking lot. There was one kid who sounded just like a chicken. I couldn't help but laugh every time he did it. I'm telling you he was so good at it that there were people who were asking where the chicken was. People looking on the ground for the poor thing. We all had fun. By the time we got home Josh was bouncing off the walls. I made him take a shower in hopes that would do the trick, and it did. He was in bed by 9:00 pm and fast asleep. We have another game Friday night away. So another late night for us, but the good thing is no school the next day!!!!


I've been trying to take it easy because of my back. I've been doing light house work. I thought I could do laundry, but I guess not. I'm back is hurting again so I thought I would sit at the computer for as long as it will stay on, 10min or so. I went round the house taking pictures of eyes. I know, I need to go back to work right!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you guess what these eyes are from???











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SillyShelly said...

I'm gonna say #1 is Strawberry Shortcake and #2 is some sort of Care Bear. That's all I got...