Saturday, May 2, 2009


Friday was the day to HUNT FOR DISHES because I sold my old one. Josh and I got up like any other morning. He got ready for school, and I just got ready for the day. Only Friday was the day I was ready for the BIG HUNT. I have been wanting something different for dishes for awhile now. I felt kind of bad because my old dishes came from my mom who got them from my dad's mom. I started with some dinner plates, salad plates and cereal bowls from her. They are call Crazy Daisy from Pyrex. Over the years I added to the collection from yard sale and eBay. These are the dishes that I sold!!! Don't worry I asked my mother if it was OK to do this. She said " I gave them to you because I didn't use them any more and never really liked them." So there you have it. Plus if I ever want them back I can just go on eBay.

I went in my van to pick up my mother from her house. She lives on a dirt road. Of all days for the town to be working on her road would be the day I'm on a mission. I turned up her road and found a pile of dirt that was in the middle all the way up to her house and passed. Thank God she lived on the same side I was going up because you couldn't drive over the pile it was over a foot tall. It's kind of hard to see it in the picture but it's there. When leaving her house we had to go in the opposite direction of where we need to go. Her road does loop back on to the road we need, but that's more time used up!!! I'm on a mission!!! So we pull out and start going only to get stuck behind the road works going 2 miles an hour. After that we were on our way to Portland.

I'm going to make a long, long, 8 hour search for dishes a lot shorter. We get to Portland then drove to Grey, then to Auburn, looked in over 15 different stores, to look at dishes that are not "THE ONES" they were close but not good enough. We were getting hot and hunger. I drove that van around and around. We had the windows down, until we found out my mothers window wouldn't go back up. I had to get out and use both hands on either side of the window while my mother pushed the button to put the window up. It worked only we had to put the window back down because when I went to walk away I found out my hair rolled up into the window. Yes Hannah we all have those moments when you want to say "HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!" So down went the window again, just to roll back up but this time making sure my hair was out of the way.

These are some of the dishes we found that weren't it. I took the picture thinking I would show John to see what ones he liked.

The last store we went to, the one I really didn't want to have to go to because everyone else goes there was Wal-Mart. I found two sets that were what I was looking for. This one is the one I feel in love with. Even on the box it said Tuscan. That's the look I'm going for in my kitchen.

This is one because of the color, only it's close to the color I want to paint the kitchen walls.

Now being they were at the Wal-Mart in Portland I knew they would be in the Wal-Mart in my town so I didn't pick the ones I loved just in case John didn't like them. I thought we would all to our Wal-Mart and pick them out. I drove my mother home and had to drive to Joshua's baseball game. Just in time!!! After the game we drove over to our Wal-Mart to look at the dishes. John didn't like the ones I picked. Can you believe that!!! I'm glad I didn't listen to him and get them, even if he said to pick out what ever I like as long as he has something to eat off!!! So I told him to pick out ones he likes and I would pick from them. He picked out these...

I didn't care for the brown ones, they were just to plane. I loved the other ones. I just didn't think when I saw them John would have liked them. So I passed on them. So those are the ones we came home with at 8:30pm!! What a day for the dish hunt. I opened the boxes as soon as we got home to find 3 of the cups were broke. We had to go back to Wal-Mart today to return them and get new ones. Now we are all happy with what we picked. I'm just mad at my self for not going to Wal-Mart my town in the first place. The time and gas I would have saved, but I got to spend time with my mother who picked up a few things here and there along the way.


SillyShelly said...

I think you did an excellent job. The new dishes are beautiful. And now you know to START at Wal-mart for any future missions...

Rich said...

Did you not say you hated Wal-Mart? Shopping isn't fun for me either. I don't think many people like to shop nowadays. It could have to do with spending money in a tight economy. Or the high cost for items in a recession, that as we know now has been going on for a few years. Having a good paying job and security is in the past. It will be getting tougher to make ends meet, so we better start thinking about how to share, trade or swap and make things to get things without shopping. You know like in the old days you make it happen. Shopping is only going to get harder. Until the sellers realize they have to come down in prices. Right now the business world is getting a little to crazy for me to figure out. Or is it just me thinking their not going to be making our lives any easier.