Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's 10:10am and I have some time to write what's on my mind.

My son this morning was coughing and sneezing, he asked if he had SWINE FLU. I told him "no, but sure you don't touch thing you don't need to be touching, wash your hands when ever you can." I don't want to scare him but I want him safe. You never know what families have traveled and where. They are finding cases in New York, that seem close to Maine if you ask me.

The World Health Organization on Monday raised the pandemic SWINE FLU alert level from phase 3 to 4, two levels below the declaration of a full pandemic. Says Time.

Are you scared yet? Where is this going? I hate to think about stuff like this, but you have to. They are talking if this becomes worse that they may start closing schools. I'm sure the more people become aware of this, that is will slow down. We can only pray it stops. We already have way to much to be worrying about in the world as it is already.


It is now 2:10pm and I put on the TV because I'm going to sit down and eat lunch. At the bottom of the screen it's saying there are 2 cases of the SWINE FLU now in Maine. Like I asked earlier are you scared yet????????????????????


It's now 2:20pm, and there are 3 cases now!!

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Jeanne said...

There were some students at Amherst College who tested positive and are 'quarantined' in their dorms. A elementary school in one of the neighboring towns sent a few kids home for a week even though they exhibited no symtoms because they had vacationed in Mexico. Crazy stuff and yeah, it is scary.