Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I can't believe the great weather we are having here in Maine. I went down to my brother Glen's house by the lake. I was going to help him with the screen house, but it was to windy to put it up but the time we wanted to. Sadie needed to swim again, I need to try to fish again. Still no fish, but I did find a snail. I was helping clean around a bush that was 20 feet or more away from the water and found this little guy. I brought him over to the water and as soon as he touched it, he came out of the shell. I have never seen one out before. Gross!!!

We went out in the boat with the dogs. While waiting for us to get ready Stretch would lay on the front of the boat. Sadie did very well, she only tried once to jumped out of the boat to get to the water or was she going after my line?? Stretch wanted to jump out when we were moving to catch the water going by. They loved it.


Rich said...


Rich said...

What a calm looking doggy on the bow of the boat, is she the Captain or a Pirate?

Poirier Family said...

He is Captain Stretch, he would worn us when there were rocks.