Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been in my garden again. I just can't stay out of it. There isn't really anything more for me to do in it right now. I have weeded it already. I just love watching my plants grow into something. Can you tell this is my first garden? I started it when we moved in. I just can't believe that the plants come back every year. It started as lawn if you could even call it that. I removed all the grass and made the outline of the garden. I didn't want it in a straight line. So I made curves. I went up to my mothers land and picked out big rocks from way out back. Dragged them all the way back to the van, drove them home. John helped too some of the time. We would take about 5 to 8 rock every time we would go up to see her. Now when I go up I'm grabbing the smaller round rocks off the side of her road for around the backside of the plants to mark where they are. Soon I will be planted seed if not today.

Here are my tulips!!! They have buds now.

This is flowers from bulbs that were planted in the fall. Only I have no idea what they are?? Do you??????????????? They stand about 3 inch tall.

Here is another plant I have no idea what it is. This was here when we moved in. I think it will have small yellow flowers but I can't remember. It gets to be about a foot tall. Do you have any idea what it is?????????

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