Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm learning so much about kids only because I have one. Growing up I was the youngest so the only time I was around kids were the times I babysat two, 2 year old when I was in high school a few times. Now that I have a 10 year old who is starting to have friends over a lot more I'm learning so much. I learned the other night, when we had the two kids from next door over for dinner, never give three kids the option of 6 kinds of Cool-Aid to pick from. I told them I could only make one because I only had one picture to put it in. I can't tell you how long it took them to pick. Do not fill a cup up with Cool-Aid to the top then put a straw in it. Kids love blowing into the straws making bubbles causing the Cool-Aid to bubble up all over the table, then laugh about it with the Cool-Aid spitting out of their mouths. What a mess that was, but they had fun.

I'm also finding out that kids really do cost a lot of money to have. All worth it but there are things I didn't think about. Like baseball. I love that my son plays baseball. I just never thought about what goes into baseball. A glove and ball right!! What more do you really need. Doesn't the team have the bats and helmets. Yes they do, but the first year he played t-ball he says "mom I would like my own bat so I can practice at home and get used to it." OK we said that makes sense $30.00 later. I thought a helmet would be good for when we practice with him. I really didn't like the idea of me pitching a ball right at him, so a helmet was a great idea $10.00 on sale. Then after t-ball he needed a real bat, $40.00. This year new glove because he grew out of the old one $20.00, new cleats $25.00 on sale, a baseball bag that is like a lock that hangs from the fence that holds everything!!!! On sale from $40.00 to $12.00 I thought was a great idea to keep everything so when he is up to bat his glove goes right into the pocket, and when his in the out field the bat and helmet go into their pockets. Plus most of the kids have them, and it helps so everyone things don't get mixed up. What a great find that was!!

I have learned the more I talk about something to my son the less he listen.

My idea of them cleaning his bedroom is everything in it's place, his idea of cleaning his bedroom is where ever he can find a place that it doesn't show when your standing in the doorway to the bedroom.

My idea of taking a bath would be the water in the tub. Sons idea of taking a bath is use a empty shampoo bottle, fill it with the water from the tub, squeezing the water out of the bottle so hard it hits the ceiling and goes out of the shower all over the bathroom floor.

My idea of cleaning milk spilled on the floor would be wipe it up with a paper towel, then spray a cleaner and wipe it again. Sons way of cleaning it would be using a wet dish sponge, wipe what ever would come up and let air dry!

My idea of brushing teeth would be toothpaste on toothbrush, into mouth, on to teeth. Sons idea of brushing teeth, wet toothbrush and put back.

There are so many things I have learned. He sure keeps me on my toes.

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lee and hannah said... had me laughing out loud on this one!! i guess that's what i have to look forward to one day!!--who am i kidding--my husband acts like this sometimes! :)

...just because you can't bathe while you're camping, doesn't mean you shouldn't bathe when you're NOT camping!!