Friday, May 15, 2009


Do you think you got the right answers to the eyes ?? Well here they are!! If you don't know what I'm talking about look at a few days ago before reading the rest of this and "see" if you can guess what the eyes belong to.

1. Was Strawberry Short Cake. I loved her when I was little. I loved the way they smelled. I remember having the Strawberry that had wheels. It was like a house for her.

2. Was Lucky the Carebear. I wanted Lucky Bear so bad. I asked for it for Christmas. When I woke up and look under the tree I knew right where is was by the way it was wrapped. My mom made my Christmas that year for sure.

3. Was a Popples. That was the stuffy that rolled up into a ball. I love them.

4. How could you not get Holly Hobbie. You pull her string and she would talk. "I'm Holly Hobbie", "Let's Play Together", "Your My Best Friend", "Let's Have Fun".

5. I can't believe anyone, I mean anyone would not know Mickey Mouse!!

6. Was a leopard. I totally understand if no one got this one. It was just a stuffy I had growing up and love. I guess that why I still have it at 32? Crazy I know.

7. You couldn't tell by the eyes that this creepy thing was a clown. I hate clowns, but my mother made this one for Josh when he was a baby, so I had to keep it.

8. This one was a Squirrel that I made in High School in a sewing class.

9. I really don't know what this is. Josh made it for a art project.

10. This was the eyes of a very sad looking wooden elephant. It was at a yard sale and I once again fell in love with it, but I didn't have enough money for it. My grandmother Edith helped me get it by asking the guy selling it "how much is the elephant?" the guy said " for this cute young lady, $4.00" then my grandmother said "well being she's so cute you should sell it to her for $2.00" and that's how I got my elephant over 20 years ago.

These are what the eyes belonged to.

This is the thing Josh made.

Thanks for playing along!!

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