Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I called the shelter that came and got Blue Eyes, to see how he was doing and if his owners came and got him. Sadly his owners never came. The good news is when the shelter came and got Blue Eyes they took him right to the vet to get the porcupine quails out of his face. They also found that he was shot with a BB gun and removed them. So I'm glad his owners didn't come to get him. Not saying they did that, but odds are they did. So he asked me if I wanted to adopt Blue Eyes and I would have love to, you have no idea how bad I would take him. The poor dog was in pain and never showed it. He was so sweet. So I had to tell him no, we just can't afford another dog right now. Now Blue Eyes will be going up for adoption at a no kill shelter!!! So that makes me very happy. I know he will find a home fast. One look into those blue eyes and your hooked.

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lee and hannah said...

wow!! what a pretty dog!! poor thing...he seems really sweet...i agree with you, he should find a forever home soon! :)