Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden = Happy, Unemployment = $&@!

So these flowers popped up the other day!! I put the bulbs in the ground last fall. Only I don't know what they are?? Do you??

These flowers also popped up!! They I think are Johnny Jump Ups? They are jumping up everywhere in the garden. I love that because it makes it look fuller.

These are my lily's from the summer 2 years ago when we moved in.
These are my tulips that I planted last fall. I'm glad to see the made it. I never did bulbs before.
It is raining today and when I looked outside I could see more plants are popping up from when I took these pictures the other day. I know the rain will help them grow even more by the next time I take a picture.
What a sad day for me today. For one it's raining, and two I still have not yet received any checks from unemployment. I hate the fact that I have to even get a check from unemployment. I have a call back date which is good?? Trying to call the unemployment office is a joke. You can never talk to a person. After 3 hours of calling other numbers I got in touch with a woman who said, she would leave a note for "someone" to call me to let me know what is going on. She said it wouldn't be today. So I guess I'll be hanging around the house for the call tomorrow counting my coins from our piggy bank, that's not a joke. The bills are adding up and things are getting very tight. John keeps telling me things are going to be OK, but I have this feeling deep inside that says they're not going to get any better any time soon. I will look at the positive side of things, even know it is very hard. We all have our health and love for one another and that is all it matters.

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Jeanne said...

Those second flowers are Johnny Jump Ups. used to have them in our garden where we used to live. I got laid off from my last job and I know it does suck, especially having to depend on unemployment. Things are tough everywhere these days but you have the right attitude looking at the possitive of having your health and each other. Many people don't have that. Glad to hear that pup is at a no kill shelter. Surely someone will give him a much better life than he came from.