Monday, April 20, 2009


What a long fun filled weekend. It all started Friday night. John, Josh, and I went shopping for birthday gifts for Hope (Josh's cousin), and my brother Glen. We already had some things but I still didn't find the right gift for Glen yet. So I needed to shop just a little more.

Saturday we went to the Portland YMCA for Hope's pool party.

This is Hope who is now 9 years old. Time goes by so fast. Happy Birthday Hope. Then you have Josh. He had so much fun at the pool, and knowing he was go to be spending the night at Hope house made it even better!!

They all had cake after they went swimming, and Hope opened all her gifts!!

When John and I went to the parking garage where we had to walk down a long hallway that I don't think I would have walk in without John. I'm such a country girl who has watched way to many bad movies about parking garages.

After the party Josh went with Hope and John and I went baby shopping, I mean baby clothes shopping. I wish you could go to a store and just pick out a baby!!! I'd pick a girl!!!! Anyways we have a baby shower we are going to this up coming Saturday. It is Steve and Vonnie who are having their 1st baby. I have only meet Vonnie in person two time because my mother bought a puppy from them. So I saw Vonnie when my mom picked Lacey(the puppy) out, then when we picked Lacey up to come home.
This is Lacey as a puppy.

This is Lacey now.
I have never meet Steve. John hasn't seen either one of them. We have been writing emails to each other and reading each others blogs. After my mother picked the puppy out, Steve and Vonnie would blog about the puppies so you could see them glow. We continued to read their blog since. So we thought it would be a great idea to all get together and meet, and what better place then a baby shower!! After shopping we rented some movie and spent the even home.

Sunday we went to my brother Glen's house for him birthday party, and that's how we got Josh back. My other brother Tony(Hope's dad) and family were coming to Glen's party. So I got to spent two days with my brothers. When we first pulled up I let Sadie out because she was dying to get out of the van. Glen and I were walking around the house,he was showing me things that he had been working on. Then I heard "it". That splashing sound of my dog in the lake. I would have taken a picture of her in the lake but it all happened to fast and I never got a chance to get the camera. I took a picture after. It almost looks like she is smiling because she got want she wanted. Bad girl. She loves the water so we had to hook her up to dry so she could come into the house. Plus the water was really too cold for her to be in for a long time. She would stay right out there if we let her.

The kids were upset too, because they wanted to play in the ice cold water.

My mother was unable to make it to Hope's pool party so she made a cake for Hope to have and her gift. So Glen and Hope blow out their candles together.

We all had so much fun playing pass with footballs. Tony I hope you feel better after trying to catch that football and falling over those rock!! Only if I had my camera right!! Just kidding.

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