Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I started another project!! I know, I'm on a roll. I wanted to do something for a back splash behind my stove. So I had some wallpaper that looks like the old tin ceiling. It was white so I painted it 3 times!!!!!

1st a gold color.

Then with a little orange (pink), then I used a rag to wipe some of it off. I know it looks more pink I really wanted a orange look. Trying to mix paint is not my forte.

Because it looked to pink I added black to the paint. Now it has a maroon look to it with gold and pink . The picture makes it look very pink but it's more maroon. John likes it that's all it matters right now. It's only a temporary fix until we can buy a copper back splash. We are trying to get that Tuscon look in the kitchen with we have around the house.

That's as far as I got today!! After that I went outside to play with Sadie.

Sadie did a lot of running around, and looked like she needed a drink, so I went in and got her water bowl.

Sadie loves the water! She loves to swim in the lake. I guess she is more then ready for the lake!!! She tries to put her head under the water.
We have got to get her one of those small blue kid pools, that water bowl just isn't big enough!!!
I love my Sadie!!!

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Jeanne said...

I love the shots of you painting. It's great to capture ourselves creating. The pic of Sadie slurping the water all over is great! She looks like a great dog.
RYC: I'm using two cameras right now, both Fuji. My little point and shoot that I keep in my handbag with me at all times is a FinePixA820 and my newest baby is a FinePixS1000fd, it's as close to a DSLR as you can get without actually being one. And no I've never taken a photography class of any kind. I guess I just like to look at things in different ways. Thanks so much for the comments! :)