Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS. I need more rocks for my garden. Today Josh, Hope (Josh's cousin) and I walked up to the pond by my mother's house. It's a dirt road that not to many cars go on. We took Josh's red wagon so we could collect round rocks along the way. See, two days ago we walked up to the pond with the dogs and that's when I saw all the round rocks. I could not believe how many round rocks were just sitting on the side of the road. So today we walk up to the pond and on the way back picked up the ones we thought looked the best.
I'm using them in my garden to put half way around the plants. That way next spring I will know where the plants will come up, or in the fall I will know where the bulbs are and can feed them before winter. I don't know that much about bulbs I was just told that you need to put something on them. What I don't know yet, I need to start reading my new gardening book.

So thank you Hope and Josh for helping me pick out the best rock for my garden!!!!

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