Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I got a call from my mother around 10:00am saying she needed my help. There was a large dog in her back yard walking with a limp. She said she didn't get close but would like my help to see what was going on and to call animal control. I drove up there and when I pulled in the driveway she was standing there with this great big dog at her feet. My mom had walked out back before me getting there and made friends with him. She said all she did was walk a little closer and was making kissing sounds and talking very sweet. The dog followed her to the house and stayed with her. When I pulled in the driveway the dog didn't even care, he just look at the van. I got out and walked right up to him. I saw his face, the first thing I saw was his unbelievable blue eyes, then I saw the quails sticking out of his chin. Some where in his travails he ran into a porcupine. We think he had one in his paw too. I couldn't believe how sweet the dog was even with quails in him. A lot of dogs are very mean when that happens, he didn't care at all. I think he knew we were helping him. We feed him and gave him some water. He had no tags but knew to sit, give his paw, and lay down. So someone took the time to teach him. I called animal control and they were on their way. The man was very nice and took my number so he would call and let me know what was going on with him. My mother fell in love with him that fast. You should have seen the way that dog looked at her. He won't take his eyes off her. If you look close you can see the quails in his chin.

My mom was playing with him and he didn't mind at all. He was loving it.


Jeanne said...

What a sweet dog. They'll do everything to find his home or place him won't they? Could your mom take him if they don't find his home. It's a good thing she found him but sad what he went through, poor puppy.
Glad to re-connect!

Poirier Family said...

They said they will do everything they can to find the owners. The dog went to the vet right off. I'm going to call Monday to see if the are going to put him up for adoption. I'm going to try to talk my mother into keeping him. But she does have another dog who knows!!