Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today I woke up to the sun dancing through my curtain. I knew is was going to be a beautiful day. Josh got really for school, being as I'm laided off I take him to school. I was already in the van so I thought I would drive up to my mothers and ask her if she would like to walk to the pond and watch me fish for a while. Not that she just sits there and watches me, she walks around in the wood and enjoys the sites.

Last year I caught a bass that was one of the biggest fish I ever caught, and had to put him back because of the time of year wasn't right to eat bass. So my goal is to find that sucker!! I didn't have a camera the day I caught him but John was with me so he knows how big it was. There is no fish story here!!! I know where he hides only I need a boat to get there. So today I was just hoping to catch something off from the land. Needles to say I didn't catch anything but long green weeds. That's why I like to be in a boat. You can cast close to land and pull it to deeper water not in weeds. I never had a bite. I don't understand how the hook I use says weedless on it, when all the weeds get caught around the fake fish part. I think it's because the pond you fish at becomes "weedless". Ya, ya that's what I'm going with. I had a fun time, it would have been better if there was a fish on my dinner plate!! There's always next time.

After being there for about 2 hours we headed back to her house to talked for a while and played ball with her dog Lacey. Then I had to go home to work around the house being I'm off I need to do something with my time besides have fun!!

Update on Sadie with her newer toy, Super Chippy. Well poor Super Chippy can't see, hear, or fly anymore. No more Super Chippy he is just Chippy, but he still hangs on with all he has which is not a lot. I can't believe he still has his squeaker or heart as we call it!! That is the first to go on all of her other toys.

Super Chippy Before Sadie
Chippy After Sadie.


lee and hannah said...

poor super chippy!! i think he's got some crippled cousins in nershi's toy basket alllll the way down here in NC!! :)

we've all but stopped buying those stuffed toys for him! (unless they're on clearance, of course!)...he just LOOOOVES to RIP them apart!

Jeanne said...

Great shots, although I must say that snow yet! ack! LOL at the doggie toy.
RYC: ?? Are you having trouble seeing my posts. Been doing the daily right along.