Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Work has been going great at the new shop. Things are coming together. We are starting to get back in the swing of things. I'm back to knocking apart chairs,sanded, putting glue in all the joints then clamping them back together.

I feel better and better everyday at work. I even feel that my pants are fitting better because of the workout from the stairs I get. See if your like me you forget things a lot. I keep forgetting things in my car so then I have to go down to get it then come back up the stairs from hell, that is getting me into shape. I have been also walking a mile a day with Sadie. Not today because it was raining plus I really didn't feel up to it. But I feel guilty that I didn't. I really need to get into shape. I wish I had someone to push me and do it with me. Sadie does OK she gives me the puppy face and sometimes will go and get her leash, how can you say no to that. She didn't do that today, so we didn't go.
Elvira is still down stairs. We let Sadie down there with her here and there with us. Sadie just gets to happy and her tail hit everything scaring her and Elvira. We are going to take our time with letting her upstairs with the other two cats. Dallas is looking weaker everyday, but she keeps on kicking. I don't want Elvira to hurt Dallas. I also don't want Dallas to feel replaced. We let Dallas see Elvira and she didn't seem to care. John said it's because Dallas can't see her. Dallas can still see fine!!! I think??? So I don't know. That's all the news as of now. Hope everyone is enjoy the signs of spring.

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