Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Friday John and I went out with Rick and Cathy from my work. We stopped at Cathy's first to have a few drinks. Well everyone but John, he can't drink because of his diabetes. That is another thing that makes me love John. He can hang out with others that drink and still has a good time. Maybe it's because we are so entertaining. Some of Cathy's friends Nina and Bill came over too they are a blast. I love Bill because he thought I was 27!!!! (I'm not). We had a lot of fun. We went to one of Rick's favorite bar. We played pool, not that I played well at all, but it was fun. We got home really late, so we slept in Saturday morning.
Saturday John and I went Portland shopping for a pitcher! I know all the way out to Portland for one thing. Trying to save money but yet get out. I'm looking for the right pitcher, the one that jumps out and say "Susan I need to be in your kitchen. I am just what your looking for, and I'm on SALE!!!." Needles to say we are still looking for a pitcher. All we found out there were plastic ones. I want a glass one so I can worry about breaking it. Maybe we didn't go to the right stores. I was told to go to Kohl's or J.C. Pennies so we will try there this weekend. If we don't find one there I'm going to look on E-Bay. I'm trying to get my kitchen to have that Tuscan look. I found two plates that were deep red with black lines and gold lines and dots on the edges.

I got a chicken from my mother years ago. I'm using the chicken for the inspiration for the kitchen.

I also have a jelly cabinet that I did that is painted black then green, then sanded and waxed. I finished this cabinet when I work at another furniture place years ago.

We also plan on using a bottom half of a hutch to make an island with three bar stools. I want to paint the island red over black and sand and wax just like the jelly cabinet. But I don't know if red is the way to go. It would bring the red into the kitchen giving it the Tuscan look. What do you all think?????????? I don't want it to look like a Christmas kitchen. I need to get other things to pull it all together, But what??????????? Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!!

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