Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We had more of that Maine $#!%. I woke up and there it was coming down in nice big flakes. The flakes were so big I think you could hear them hit the ground. When I woke Josh up I told him right away that he has school and there was no delay. I knew once he looked out side he would be happy thinking there was no school so I popped his thought bubble before even saw the $#!%. I told him we would have to get ready a little faster today because I needed a head start for work. We made good time and I was on my way to work. Only the roads were really bad. So bad that where the speed limit is 50 miles an hour we were going 10 to 20 miles an hour. Then on an other road I take it was at a dead stand still because of a 18 wheeler had his front tire coming off I have no idea what was going on with that. So I was late to work by 30 minutes. Oh well, the good thing is that I made it.

I don't know how many time I have to say it, but I hate $#!% right now. I don't even what to see it in words. I can't wait for all the $#!% to go away until next year. I need to see my FLOWERS.

Tonight Josh had his first Band Jamboree!!!! It was at the local High School. Josh plays the trumpet and has been working so hard for this day. We had to go out and buy special clothes for him to wear, because you couldn't wear jean and a tee-shirt and that's all Josh likes to wear.

When he came out of his room, I wanted to cry. Yes I'm one of those mom's. He just looks so grown up. My little man in a band going to play in front of a ton of people. That is something I could never do, and he my little guy is doing it. Every time they were done playing everyone would clap and my eyes would water. I looked at John and all he said was "oh brother". The songs they played were Beethoven's Ninth, Anasazi, and BB Rock. They did so well.

Josh loves hanging with his friends and being in band he has found so many new ones. We had a great time tonight.

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lee and hannah said...

ok, now what is John going to blame the snow on now?? first, it was your snowmen...but you put all of those away!! :) i know its got to be frustrating for you folks up north...its a true beauty down here...but we MIGHT get an inch/year...this year was very rare for us....

thanks for your sweet comment on the blog! :) its always encouraging to know someone else reads the blog...other than my immediate family! :)