Monday, March 9, 2009


I got to the new shop today on time. I pulled in right behind Brian ( one of the guys I work with). We walked up the stairs from hell together. No one else was at work yet. We had to wait for Rick to come there with the key. Only he has a key right now. We walked in, and wow the heat wasn't even on that it was warmer then the old shop with heat. It was nice. I got to start working on some table legs that needed to be glued. I got that done then started working on a bench and kept getting called away to help move stuff. There are so many things we placed here and there on Friday and today now that we are somewhat trying to work are finding out its not where it really should be. We are trying to put things were it flows good. I think it will take us a few weeks until we find the right place for everything.

OK I find this kind of funny. At the new shop there are bathrooms at the end of the hall that we share with the other 3 or more people who work on that floor. There are two girls and two boys that are right next to each other. I went in there one day last week and there was toilet paper, the second time I went it was gone. So I brought a roll. The next day I went in there and it was gone. So I'm finding you have to bring your own toilet paper and take it out when you go. I don't know if maybe the boys ran out and took the girls. I will see what this week brings and if it's the same, I will have to ask around.

I also found out that you should park far way from the building because I hear some of the people have their "SPOTS". I don't want to step on any ones toes. So I'll park at the end and play it safe. Plus the walk will do me some good, and the stairs from hell will help too.

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