Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It was a morning like any other morning. Cold, windy, and cold. Josh and I were getting ready for work and school. We do the same thing every morning to a tee. It was 7:40am when I went out to start the van so it would be warm for us at 7:50, only it's never really warm enough. I went back inside to finish up. At 7:50 we got all our stuff together and walked out the door and tried to get in the van. YES I said tried to get in the van, it was locked. How could that happen. Ever time I start the van I leave the door open and I have a habit to hit the unlock button because I know I don't want to have it locked. I'm one of those people who will check the curling iron 3 times to make sure I unplugged it. I know I didn't lock the door. See my van has this issue where the lights on the inside go on and off, it also does the locks. It happens when I'm driving sometimes. I love it when it's dark and I'm driving in town and the inside of the van looks like a disco dance. I really need to get it looked at. I think that's why the doors locked. It has never done it before just sitting there. A few weeks I noticed that the outside running lights were going off and on because of the shiny bumper in front of me.

So now Josh and I are standing there in the cold wind. I have my cell phone in hand only I have no idea who I should call. John is at work, 30 minutes away with the spare key. I could see that my neighbor had her car running so I knew she was home, maybe she would know someone who could help. Josh and I ran over to see. She didn't. She let us stay there to keep warm until I found someone to help. I called my mother. When I told her what happen she said "you want me to come down there!!!!!". You see the night before it had snowed. She hates to drive on roads with any snow on them. I could tell in her voice she was not happy at all. Because she knew I had no one else at the time that could help she drove down. A 15 minute ride took her 45 minute, well she had to get dress too. Mom pulled in and Josh and I ran out. Thanks to my neighbors for letting us stay there to keep out of the cold. We then drove Josh to school right on time. Then we drove over to an auto part store. Last year when I locked myself out of the car they let me use a slim Jim. This time they didn't have one. But the man could see that I upset with my van running and locked. He said he would help me. He grabbed some screw drivers and a break cable. Yes a break cable. He followed us to my house, and did his little magic trick. I had to help with the screw driver. He pulled the top of the door away from the van with the screw driver to get the break cable down to the button. With the hook that he bent into the cable it popped the lock up. Yea, I was so happy. Our hands were so cold they hurt and felt like they were burning. He grabbed his tools and was off. He didn't want any money or any thing. See some people out there are sweet. I thanked my mom and I was off to work. I let John know everything that had happen and told him I would like to thank him by making some cookies, with enough to share. When I got home John told me he thought about the cookie idea and said that is something old ladies would do. He drove over to the auto part store and gave the guy a six pack of beer. He was very pleased. I still think he would have loved some homemade cookies.

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