Thursday, January 15, 2009


I hate it when it's really cold. I don't mind winter but when it's to cold to go out and enjoy it, that makes me mad. I just picked up a free pair of cross country skis so now my mom and I can go. Only it's been to cold to do it. Today is was -11 on my way to work. Thank God I didn't lock myself out today. I got two spare keys made. I'm going to give my mom one just in case something like that happens again. They say Friday is going to be even colder. It makes me want to just stay in bed under the nice warm covers. My dog Sadie doesn't even want to go out in it. She runs out there to do her thing, runs right back to the door and barks to come in.

The other thing I'm waiting for is to go ice fishing with my brother. Last year,I found out I love it! I caught a 19 inch lake trout, with my nieces Barbi fishing pole. Those kid poles are great!!!Sadie loves being on the ice with the other dogs. She get to run around like a nut. The bad thing is she likes to stick her head in the ice holes. She loves water, good thing she is to fat to fit in the hole.

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