Saturday, January 24, 2009

Up with the chickens

Just so you know this is John not Susan. My morning started with a sound I know very well. It was that low tone, sort of a blat, you know the one. The one that comes at 5a.m. from that rotten alarm clock. Susan was up with the chickens so she could with Becky at her bed side as she experienced her first REAL labor pains. That was about 6a.m. when she got there, it is now 9:00 p.m. and no baby yet. Josh is going nuts, he wants to see his mom so bad, and he got to this afternoon for ten whole seconds. She came home briefly to get some soothing music from our CD collection. But the one that is worst off from all this believe it or not is Sadie. she has been walking back and forth from the bedroom to the door. She gets to the door and lets out a deep breath, turns and walks back to lay down. Anyway, I am sure she will catch you all up on Sunday morning. Thanks for checking in, stay warm, and good-night. John

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