Monday, January 26, 2009


As you may have read already from what John wrote. I was at the hospital with Becky and Keith helping with labor. I guess I should start at the beginning. It was a bright cold Friday after noon. I was at work waiting for Keith or Becky to call me when their 10:00am doctor's appointment was done. It was a check up to see how the baby (Austin) and Becky's fluids were. Keith called me at 2:00pm to tell me that she has high blood pressure and may have to be induced. They wanted me to come when I could. I told Keith I was on my way. I changed my clothes at work being I had my to go bag right with me just in case this happened. I got at the hospital 30 minutes later. They were there in the O.B. Becky's Gram was there too. Becky was told that she would not be going home until Austin was born. The doctors weren't sure what the plan was yet.

There was hours of sitting and waiting. The doctors finally said she would have to have her water broke. They didn't want to start it Friday being it was 9:00pm. The doctors wanted to start it Saturday morning at 7:00am when all the doctors were well rested. So from there she knew Saturday would be the day it would all start. Becky was scared, who wouldn't be!! This is their first, you have no idea what's going to happen. You have asked all the question you could think of, but still you know nothing it seems. I stayed until 10:00pm because I knew I would need sleep. Being I have helped with births before I know some are fast and some can take forever. I told them I would be back at 6:00am. Even Keith went home to try to get a good night sleep. Well you can imagine how that turned out. He didn't get much. Keith and I showed up at 6:00am Saturday morning. Becky was still asleep, she was lucky the doctors gave her a sleeping pill. While Keith and I waited in the waiting room we talked about how things might go. I told him stories from the last 3 pregnancies that I helped with. I just wanted him to know what I knew. At 6:30am they needed to draw blood from Becky so they woke her up.

Becky's Gram showed up at 7:00am. We sat around waiting again for a while. It really seemed like for ever. They broke her water with something that almost looked like a crochet hook around 8:45am, and put her on a medication that would help her go into labor. She didn't like the feeling for the water coming out. She said it didn't hurt just felt weird. Becky asked question as things were happening. I will have to say the nurse that Becky had named Kelly was the best nurse ever!! Kelly answered all the question we through at her. If we didn't understand she would sit down and talk to us until we did. Now that's a nurse you want. I will say the other nurse were great, but didn't make us feel as comfortable as Kelly.

Becky started to have contractions. They were getting stronger and closer. The doctor would come in and check how Becky was doing here and there. The doctor gave Becky Nubian to help with the pain. Becky was at 1cm when it started, then it moved very slow from there. I can't remember the times or numbers of center meters she was with in the day. Gram and I wrote it all down for Becky to put in her scrapbook, but the paper is still at the hospital. I really wish I had the paper because to me it's all a blur. My weekend was on day I call it Satursunday. I think it was around 11:00am is when I drove home to pick up Becky some soft music. That's when Josh, John and Sadie got to see me for 10 minutes. I grabbed a few slices of cheese for lunch. Then it was off to the hospital.

Becky was in so much pain. The pain medication just wasn't cutting it.I think it was around 3:00pm ??? She wanted to have an epidural. I felt funny when Becky was asked who she wanted in the room to help her when the did it, because only one person could be there. Becky picked me. Of course that made me feel good that she trusted me, but she didn't pick her husband. He understood, and really didn't mind. It gave him time to breath. He also looked liked like he really didn't want to see his wife in pain. So everyone but Becky and I had gone and the doctor came in with one of the nurses. Becky had to sit on the bed with her feet over the side. I stood in front of her as she curled into a ball as much as she could being she has this big round belly in front of her. She was told by the anesthesiologist not to more a muscle. He numbed her back with local anesthetic to minimize the pain of the actual epidural needle going in. I could not believe how well Becky handled it all. She did great, never moved, and was still asking question as things were happening.

I know a lot happened that I'm forgetting but by 1:30am Sunday Keith was asleep, and Gram and I were helping Becky with ice and water. Becky was sleepy so Gram told me to go lay down for a while, I did for an hour. By 2:30am I was up again.

At 6:00am Sunday the doctor check Becky and said she could start pushing. They said because she had been in labor for over 21 hours that they only wanted to give her an hour of hard pushing. If nothing changed in that hour she would have to have a C-Section. Becky pushed as hard as she could she didn't want to have a C-Section. If you saw Becky you would think she had done it before. I couldn't believe the form that she had. With all the great work Becky put in, it just wasn't doing anything. Austin's head was just to big from what the doctor said and she would have to have a C-Section.

Now Becky, Keith and us all are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. Becky was in pain even with the epidural, and now having to do something she really didn't want she lose it and cried. It hit me so hard. I tried to be strong but I cried too. Seeing someone you love in pain and there is nothing you can do about it. At 8:30am Keith went in the O.R. with Becky to get her set up. Gram and I waiting in the room. We knew it would start at 9:00am. I think it was 9:15am when we saw Keith and Austin come into the hall. Austin was born 9 pounds, 20 inch long, and his head was get this 13 1/2 cm round. So there was no way out but a C-Section for him. Now couldn't they see that in all the ultrasounds they did????????????? Why would they even have had her try???????????????????
Please remember in these pictures we have been up from 5:00am Saturday morning, to 10:00am Sunday morning.

I know I have forgot a lot. But this would be page after page if I did. Everything worked out great. Everyone is healthy and happy.

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