Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just couldn't handle it anymore. I had to leave work early. OK it was only 30 minutes early. I wanted to get outside before it got dark. So I drove home as fast as the speed limit would allow (ya right) to go home to get mine and Josh cross country skis, Josh's winter stuff, and of course Sadie. I have had my skis for a while now from a yard sale. I just got Josh's from Rick at work. He was going to get rid of them. So Josh got them for free. They are a little big for him but they will do.

I packed the van and picked up Josh at school. He was so happy to see that Sadie was with me. Then he wanted to know where we were going. We went up to my mom's house. On her road there is a pond where I saw someone skiing a few days ago. I knew there was a trail and if you haven't been cross country skiing before it is so much better when there is a trail already broke. This was Josh's first time skiing. He loved it. He looked like he had done it for years. He only fell a few times but I think he was just playing. This also was the first time I took Sadie with me. She has to be right by my side 24-7, so trying to ski with her right there was a pain. I didn't want to get her with the poles. She would run right behind me and step on the back of my skies. Then she would run in front of me and I would hit the back of her legs. She got the idea after a while. We really didn't have much time because it got dark way to fast. We all really needed the fresh air, plus the temperature wasn't below zero!!! Now that Josh knows he likes it we are going to go to Carter's Farm in Oxford to do some trails. I don't know how long he will do it for, but it is free for him because he has a one time only 5th grade pass for there.

I do have skis on they are white so you can't see them. I'm just glad that I have someone to go with me.

Oh ya, my mother went up to the pond too with her dog Lacey. That's who took the pictures. So thank you mom.

Lacey never stays still of picture anymore. Her and Sadie had so much fun running around free. When we were by the road Lacey needed to be on a leash because she's scared of cars, load noises, anything that moves!!!!

The reason I really needed to get out is, I have a lot on my mind. Being outdoors is my way to release stress. There is just something about fresh air. The stress I now have is John's work has cut everyone hours down to 32 except the department his is in. Once his department gets the work done, and if more work doesn't come in fast enough he too will go to 32 hours. From there I don't know. I don't even want to think about it. Deep breaths, deep breaths is the only thing I can do. My work to is feeling it. I know things that I can't write about yet. Then on top of that our car has something wrong with it. John thinks it's the transmission. I'm not a car person but I think that's a bad thing. Isn't that what makes the car go?? I didn't want to ask him about it because I can see he is very upset about it. We just bought the car this spring/summer. This is the car that has the all wheel drive!! The one I take to work when it snows!!! What are we going to do?!?!?!?!?!?!? I so need to start playing the lottery. Or teach Sadie to pull a sled!! Looks like I'll be skiing again soon!!! FRESH AIR!!!!!DEEP BREATHS!!!!!!!!!!

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