Saturday, January 31, 2009


My boss sent an email with an update about Jessica. She writes:

Hi to all my friends and family that have been following Jessica's story. The TV segment will be on this Sunday morning twice, on WPXT at 11:30am and at 10:30am on WPME. It will run for seven weeks at least. I am very excited to see Jessie story to continue to move forward. It has been a long tough winter so far and as always Jess finds a way to handle it all with grace and style. The bad news is the chemo treatments have not worked well and they are stopping those and coming up with a new plan in PA for her, but Jess is also feeling out the options she has to live her life here. These are tough decisions and all the prayers we can find to help her decide whats best for her are really needed right now. Jessie has lost her hair but otherwise is looking very well and actually has a good shaped head so bald on her is beautiful. She continues to go to church, volunteer when she can and spend time with family and friends. Please feel free to contact her and ask her to join you in any activities you maybe attending or drop by and visit....she knows when to say no because she is to tired and turns off her phone when sleeping so you will not disturb her. I hope the winter finds you all happy, safe and warm .

Love Cathy

That's the update. I have not seen Jessica for a while now. I met her because of Cathy. What a strong kind woman she is.

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