Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's the day after the storm and John is still cleaning up after it. He does such a great job at it too. I have done the snow blowing before, but he has it down to a science this year. Last year he didn't make the drive way big enough and the more snow we got the smaller the driveway got. So this year everything is wider.

The roads were OK this morning. I love playing in what winter has to offer. The only thing I hate about the snow is driving in it. Yes I know hate is a very strong word, but it's about snow!!! If I could take a snowmobile to work, that would be sweet!!!

John even snow blows an area for Sadie to go out in. She loves it. She won't stay out there unless we are there with her. She loves the snow. This weekend I'm hoping to go ice fishing with Sadie and my brother. No John he doesn't go on lakes. Sadie loves going fishing when I hook a fish she tries to get it. Sadie also tries to stick her head in the ice holes. So I have to keep an eye on her. If she was any smaller she would fit right in.

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lee and hannah said...

wow!! i wish we'd get that much down here in NC! you're right, its never fun to drive in it!! be safe :)