Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today at work I was called into the office by my boss. She wanted me to know that my bonus would not be as big as last year because I was laid off. Wow that hit me really hard. I mean really hard. All the plans for Christmas shopping for my son just went down the drain. I know everything will be fine. But wow!!

I know I need to look at it the right way. My family is healthy, we have a roof over our heads, and we have jobs. Things could be a lot worse I know that. So I'm hoping tomorrow when I wake up I will have a different out look on the Christmas Holiday. Be thankful for what I have!!!! Or maybe someone needs to kick me and make me see it. I think I will be fine after a good nights sleep.


Steve Hildebrand said...

That is a bummer but you have the right outlook. At least your warm and have a roof over your head. If you need help with toys and such, please let us know and we will help. It may be after Christmas but we'll help any way we can.

Poirier Family said...

Thank you all for wanting to help, but it is not needed. Josh will have more then enought toys, I just wanted to make sure we got the Wii as a family gift and didn't think we could make that happen but we did with some overtime at work!!!