Monday, December 8, 2008


Last week we put up our tree for Christmas. I was still very sick. By time I would get home from work I just wanted to go to bed and Joshua really wanted to put up the tree. He would ask every day are you feeling better? So I just told them to go ahead and put it up while I watched from the couch. Joshua got all the parts out of the box and put it together. Then John put the lights on it. If there is one thing I really hate about putting the tree up is the lights. I have to have them just right, I don't like to have the wires showing. I need the light to go in the middle of the tree not just the outer parts. So I was very happy that John did it for me. Of course I had to fix some lights here and there, but don't tell him I said that. Once the lights were on, that was day one. The next day we put the ornaments on the tree so I could help. I forgot to take a picture of us doing it. But here it is.

So after we were done I asked Joshua if they put up the Christmas tree at his fathers yet. He said yes. So I asked Joshua why he didn't tell me he helped up the tree with them. Joshua said he didn't. They did it without him. I asked Joshua how that made him feel. Joshua was very up set about it. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING. They always say he is a part of that family. You would think they would have waited for him to be there for that. I just couldn't believe that they wouldn't have even thought of Joshua. Oh and to top that off they also told him about Santa!!!!!!!!! How sad. Just break the poor kids heart. So that was a fun talk with Joshua. Sad for me because that means he growing up, that just one more kid thing gone.

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Steve Hildebrand said...

Pretty tree. I have to agree with you...What were they thinking?!!! To tell him that. man, that would have been upsetting.