Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well I got up this morning feeling better but not 100%. I made it to work and wanted to turn right back around. This cold is really kicking my @&&. I worked as well as I could. By 12:00 I really wanted to go home, but I pushed until 3:00pm only an hour to go and I just couldn't do it. So I went home. I picked up Josh and was headed home, only to come to a street where the cars were backing up. I couldn't really see why the car a head of me was going so slow. There was something in front of it. The car made a turn and I finally got to see what the hold up was. Two teenage girls walking on the right side of the road. I thought OK I'll just go around them but I couldn't because of the cars coming the other way. Then I noticed there was a sidewalk. Yes a nice clean big SIDEWALK. I could not believe two teenage girls would walk like they own the road and have cars backing up behind them. So I did what anyone else would do I stepped on the gas and showed them who owned the road, and ran their skinny little @&&s over.

OK that's what I really wanted to do. What I really did was beeped my horn in a not so nice way. They both turned with a look on their face like "who the hell do you think you are!!" I could not believe that. I thought in my little head they would have a face that said "oh wow we are backing up cars we should move onto that nice clear big sidewalk" No they just kept staring at me. So I pointed over to the sidewalk and said sidewalk. They did move over only with faces that my mother would smack off my head for giving a grown up. I rolled down my passager side window and said "there is a sidewalk for a reason, do you know you have cars backed up?" The girl said to me "so what, thanks" Dam it I should have just ran them over!!!!!

Why are kids so rude now. I never did anything like that. Why do kids act like they rule the world, how do we fix this. My son was in the car, and he saw the whole thing and could not believe the girls. I just hope when he gets older and hangs out with his friends he doesn't do that.

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