Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Life with Jessie continues at a rapid pace....well for her friends Jess sleeps a lot LOL. To update everyone Jessie has had several really, really, really bad days after her last Chemo 2 weeks ago but last week received some new prescriptions (steroids) that offered some immediate relief for her. She has actually felt so great they had a X-Mas party for her Saturday that I didn't get to go to because I was sick. From what I hear she and lots of laughs and fun. Of course Jessie slept all day Sunday but it was worth the effort to celebrate with friends...they said she looked beautiful, to bad I missed it. Jessie leaves for PA today they have been able to get her off the commercial flights and on to Angel flights so she can fly right out of Auburn and into PA. Much shorter and safer flights (germ wise). He are some pictures I got from others of her apartment.

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