Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I stayed home another day. I got up with Josh and got him ready for school. Then I went back to bed at 9:00am until noon. I've been up ever since!!!!! Not that I have done much but I'm up. I cleaned the bathroom, and vacuum. I'm feeling a little dizzy still, but anyone who know me would say "that's how you always are, so your fine" Hey I'm up.

Yesterday I was trying to walk down the hallway to the bed room. I had a DVD, orange juice, and some Advil in hand. As I was trying to walk the dog was right there tripping me up, my son Josh had his remote control car flying in between mine and the dogs feet, Josh laughing. As sick as I was I couldn't help but laugh too, and out loud I said "I feel like I'm in an Advil commercial." Josh thought that was funny.

Have you ever been at work and felt like a no body. Like your job was so easy that a monkey could do it. Well that's how I feel at work sometime. I think any of the 3 guys I work with could do my job, why am I here. Well being sick got me scared that they would find this out. Not being there they would be doing my job and find out they are paying me to do something anyone of them could be doing. BUT I found out for sure I'm not a monkey!! My work has called me more then once to ask questions on how stuff should be done. Two Fridays ago I took off to go to my friends baby appointment and my boss of all people called me 5 times that day asking me how to do stuff when she is the one always telling people what to do. So that makes me feel like if I wasn't there all things would fall apart, so I do make a difference there. One of the guys called me today telling me I HAVE to come in tomorrow, he couldn't handle it there without me, he was going crazy. I thought that was very sweet. We are all like family there but like I said I really thought my job was easy (don't get me wrong I have my days). Good think I love it. Is that wrong?

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