Monday, December 1, 2008


It all started Friday night at 9:30pm. I got a little tickle in my throat. I would have to clear it once in a while nothing big. Saturday morning I felt sleepy so I told me self I would just do what I had planned, go up to my mom's with Joshua and Sadie so they could run around the backyard and I could spend some time with my mom. I was up there maybe 2 hours and really needed to go home. My body felt like I ran 1000 miles, and climbed every mountain top. When we got home I went right to bed. I got up for dinner then went back to bed. I got up Sunday morning just to eat, went back to bed, got up for lunch, back to bed, got up for dinner went back to bed. Then got up at 8:00pm watch TV until 11:00pm then went back to bed. Monday morning I got up at 9:30am to get Joshua ready for school, and yes I think after I drop him off I'm going back to bed. I think I'm feeling a little better.

This 4 day weekend wasn't so great for me. We were going to put up our Christmas tree Friday but Joshua had some friends over, and in the even John had his friends from Mass over, so then it was going to be Saturday, then it became Sunday, now we are hoping tonight if I feel better. Joshua was very upset it wasn't done Friday. I wish we would have found time Friday. I really do think I'm feeling better, but if I stay up right for over an hour I start to feel sick again. I just want this to go away!! There is so much to do and all I want to do is sleep.

So I drop off Joshua and came home and curled up on the couch with Sadie (the dog). I put in a DVD of Friends from Season one for about an hour. Then I had to go back to bed around noon. John got home around 3:20pm and that when I got up. I know I know how much sleep does one person need!! No really I would like to know. I'm sick and tried of being sick and tried.

What is Joshua going to say when he gets home and I tell him I really don't feel well enough to do the tree??!! I know it's going to break his heart. I hope he understands that I love to put up the tree and want to feel well when doing it. So I had John rent the movie Kungfu Panda. I think Joshua will be happy with that.

I hope I will be hungry for dinner. All I ate today is toast this morning. Yesterday I didn't eat much and the day before. I guess that could be one of the positives about being sick you lose weight!! Just kidding.

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