Monday, December 8, 2008


Monday, Monday, what a Monday!! I got up like I do every Monday morning. Everything was going great. Joshua and I were on time. I picked up my co-worker, and we were at work on time too!!!! We walk into the building and found out we were out of oil and had no heat over night. I think it was warmer outside then inside. I didn't wear my boots today because there was no snow, but I really wish I had. Some of the pipes were frozen and had to have heat put on them. We didn't get heat in the building until 2:30pm and it didn't get somewhat warm until, well I don't know because I went home at 4:00pm. When I got home I wanted to take a bath so I could thaw out. Once I'm chilled to the bone it takes me all day if not until I got to bed to warm up. I hate the cold weather. I hate cold weather more when it's in a building!!! So I hope tomorrow will be better.

We are going to be moving into a new building between Christmas and New Years. That way we will have no problems with heat, water, raccoons, birds, mice, water, heat, summer heat, driveway, bathrooms, etc.... I could go on and on. The building we are in now is so old it is falling down around us. That's no joke. When the fire dept. came in they said if there was a fire they wouldn't send any of their men in to the build to endanger the life's of the firemen. Nice, so if there's a fire I'm running!!!!!!!!!!! Only a few more weeks.

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