Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tuesday on my way to work there was very little snow on the ground and roads. I went the back way that I would not go if it snows. Only because the road has so many hills and turns. It's the road that I went off last year. I was on it because Josh is out of school and I had to drop him off at my mothers for the day. So I just went to work from there. I was about 5 minutes into the ride in John's car because it has all wheel drive. I now take his car because the last snow storm the van slipped and I just won't drive in it any more in fear of going off the road. Yes I'm one of "THOSE PEOPLE" now. So in order to go to work I get his car!! He don't mind because he would drive in anything in any car. So anyways, I'm 5 minutes into the drive on a straight away with 8 cars coming at me in the other lane. My car starts to slid side ways into on coming cars, I turn just in time and it start to face the woods, it turns in time to then turn in to on coming cars. I have no idea how I did it but I never got out of my lane THANK GOD. I know if I had my van it would have never turned back it would have hit the first car with the other 7 cars going every where. I would have been like bowling. I know someone was looking out for me. I then pulled over to sit there for a minute to stop shaking and to call John. I just need someone to talk to. He started off with "you should have both hands on the wheel". I told him I did. Then he said "then how are you talking to me". I told him I had pulled over. He was very happy to hear that and that I was OK. I then turned around to go back to town to go on the road I should have been on. See the road looked clear, but there was a ton of black ice on this back road. As I drove past the area of road I slipped on, the car going by was doing the same thing. As I was at the end of the road 2 sand trucks were going up it.

I hope everyone will be enjoying the last few hours of the year 2008!!! I'm going to go to Becky and Keith's house tonight. I don't know if I will make it to the NEW YEAR. After work last night I was with Becky and Keith in hopes that the baby would come. We went to Wal-Mart around 8:00pm to walk around to help it move alone. We got back and she started to have contractions. They were every 10 minutes apart and getting stronger. So at 10:00pm we were back at the hospital in town. She was hooked up to all the stuff again. We were then an hour and no contractions, but we did find out the baby's heart rate was very high. To high for her to go back home. They think it's because Becky was so worked up about going into labor. They wanted to send her home but only when the heart rate went back down. So we got to leave at 2:00am. Everything is fine as of now 7:00pm Wed.

I went to work today with only 5 hours of sleep, if you know me I need at lest 8 to run right. In the morning I was a "B". By noon I was so funny I had everyone at work cracking up because of my lack of sleep. I could not stop laughing and dancing, you would think I was drinking. We got to go home at 2:00pm I came home and went to bed. I just got up and now going to Becky and Keith's hoping to make it to 2009 up there. Then fly home to go to bed and get up for work in the morning, not that I really want to go, but double over time and we need the money!!

So I hope everyone has fun tonight, and NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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