Sunday, December 28, 2008


My friend Becky is not due until Fed 3rd. She has been having contractions on and off for a few weeks now. They gave her some treatments to stop her from going into labor. As of Sat evening she started having more around 8:00pm and call the hospital to see what she should do. They told her to time them to see if the were coming the same amount of time apart. They were every 20 minutes. So by 11:00 when she called the hospital back they told her to come in. Becky and her husband Keith called me to let me know to go to the hospital around 11:00pm. They had to put her on Magnesium Sulfate and two other things to stop her from having contractions. She will be at 35 weeks this Wed. They want her to try to make it until then that way the baby's lungs are fully developed. It crazy how 3 days will make that much of a difference. They checked her cervix and everything is closed which is a good thing.

When putting in the IV she really had a hard time with that because they couldn't find any veins and had to poke around a lot. The treatments causes nausea temporarily. Becky didn't like that to much, who would. Because of all the fluids that were being given her hands and feet are starting to swell really bad. More so her feet now then her hands.
I went home at 5am Sunday morning to get some sleep. Then got up at 8:30am and went back. I really didn't get good sleep I kept waking up to look at the clock. I was there until 2:30pm and was so tired I need to have a baby nap and went home and slept until 5:00pm and went back. As of now they say that the contractions are so small that it shouldn't do anything. They are going to try to take her off the treatments in the morning and see if they stay small, and give her two pills that she will have to take every four hours. If that works she should be able to go home on bed rest until the next step which will be the contractions start up again or her water breaks.
She is having dull backaches, and just wants to go home. I'm now going to go to bed because I need to get all the sleep I can, plus I have to work Monday. I can't even think right. I hope this made sences. If anything happens I will leave at the drop of a hat when they call me. I just can't miss work if I can help it.
So please pray for Becky and her son. More time in the womb the better!!!

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