Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The project is coming along at break neck speed....carpets will be installed tomorrow morning and we can begin hauling Jessica's belongings back to the 3rd floor. The finishing touches will begin from there. The mural looks so amazing Rita has worked hard and steady and all will be amazed with it is done she is a true artist.

Jessica will begin chemo on Thursday at 4pm at the Cancer Center in Philadelphia, sad but she is excited they have a plan for her....there is still hope!!!!! Then she will fly home on Friday, arriving in Portland at 6pm. She expect to arrive at 7ish in a Limo compliments of Atlantic/Imperial Limousine Service. She is so homesick.

We hope to have a festive crowd to welcome her home!!

Pat Estes dropped off some skin care for Jess and is working to help her get enough donations to afford the Manatech she wants. (Manatech is a system that works with a lot of Cancer and other critical ill patients to improve and in some cases cure them.) Jim Sperels from Solutions By Design is working on some beautiful new counter tops for Jess's kitchen and bathroom. Andy Stonehouse tore up the kitchen floor and laid the beautiful new wood floor wow they look great. Rick Lachance and Mike Jamber tore out the old counter tops. At the shop I (Susan) have been giving the doors, shelves and kitchen cabinets a face lift as well as a few pieces of furniture that are getting that worn off antique look done. Rita's son Alex came over last night after work and put the last coats on the walls Jess Longchamps and her mom Angelide came over and worked out the details with Mona on the beautiful butterfly prints they are donating for her bed room. Pineland Lumber helped us with some lumber at cost to build her shelves for her Millions of books. Casiels Day Spa has offer some spa treatments for Jess!!! Her body has not had much of a break in the last 28 months so that will be great. Mona has figured out a way to do drapes all over the wall behind her bed but could still use a head board to back the pillows to.
Please pray for Jessie we know she is nervous and excited about her new treatment but this possibly life saving drugs all come with a large cost to her overall help that is why a healthy, clean and beautiful place to rest is so important to all of us. We are constantly amazed at how awesome everyone is with this project the world truly is full of great and amazing people if we just look around. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!! If you would like to help with a donate please give Cathy a call at 754-8511 or email her at cathyraynor@yahoo.com