Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay small change in the home coming Jess is flying into Augusta and we should be in Lewiston around 6:45. Being the apartment is too small for everyone to be in we will have everyone outside and Jess will think it is a welcome home party.....first surprise....Then just a few of us will take her up to see her apartment and when she recovers from that surprise we will bring her back down to say thank you...There is a good chance that this chemo she is having on Thursday will make her very sick so it maybe a short visit when she gets home.

We have found a headboard thank you from Mardens for sharing all item at donation cost. Agrens has found a stove still looking for a frig keep your fingers crossed. Jim Sperils tells us we will have new counter tops by Thursday. Mona has been sewing and shopping like crazy and I believe she and Rita both sewed way into the night to get drapes and other fabric pieces done. Still hoping for new sinks and faucets and some lamps table and floor also need lights and medicine cabinet over bathroom sink.

Jess's things were moved back in today. Now we will have to set everything up. Book shelves for all her books will be put up. Kitchen cabinet door will be put on. Things are going good, hoping to have everything closet to done by the end of Thursday.

Thank you all who have helped with this project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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