Sunday, November 16, 2008


Friday Jessie came home. Everyone meet at the apartment around 6:30pm to watch for the Limo to drive up the road. Jessie fly was late so she didn't show up until 8:30pm. That gave everyone time to take pictures of the finished apartment and get to meet everyone that help on the project. Here are some of the pictures.

I didn't get to take to many of it done, because I was doing a lot of running around. I will be getting better ones later. Not as many people showed up as we would have liked. It was raining so that kept a lot of people away. Now Cathy my boss was with Jessie and some of her friend in the Limo. Seconds away from the apartment Cathy gave Jessie a braclet that Mona (one of the woman who helped and is a friend of Jessies) wanted Jessie to have. The braclet said "Familys are a world created by Love" Cathy slipped it on Jessie wrist. Jessie still had no idea. All the girls did a great job not talking about the apartment and for Cathy that was a job!!! When they pulled up in the Limo, the driver got out and opened her door. She had no idea what was going on. The windows were so dark she couldn't see all the people, she got out and that was the first momment of surprise seeing all the people, Jess said she felt like a rock start. Thank you Atlantic Limousine Service and Scott the amazing driver (they are the offical Hugs for Rides.) Jessie thought she was having just a welcome home party.

(Cathy on right, Jessie on left)

After a few minutes of saying hi she was told there were more people upstairs lets go in, confused she asked Cathy what was going on. Cathy didn't say a word until they were steps from her door. Cathy told her "what ever happens next just breath and do not fall down." Well to say the very least she was shocked and overwhelmed the camera(TV and news papers) were going and people were cheering.

Jessie loves everything and is so happy, we're not sure she will be able to take it all in for days. Jessie was tired so everyone was hustling out because of Cathy. Jessie needs a break. A few stayed for a while and told her what all had been happening (condensed version) and then they could see Jessie need to sleep they kissed her and left Jessie in her new beautiful, healthy new home.

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