Monday, November 10, 2008


This apartment makeover has snowballed into something amazing. WPXT is going to be there for a before shot this week and then when Jess comes home its going to be on TV Yeah!!!!

Last night Jess emailed Cathy saying she is home sick. Cathy hopes she doesn't get frustrated with us trying to keep her there till Friday. We are hoping to have it done by Thursday for her, say a prayer today she gets her final plans from the Cancer Center.

Now for the update Painting is 90% done and Rita the wonder woman yesterday painted the clouds. They are amazing she is going to work all day today to paint the trees and the wild life mural for Jess. Nina's Sister Suzanne and her daughter's (Barn Door Cafe) brought more food and it's yummy thanks from the starving workers. The colors Mona has picked are amazing the apartment looks like a wonderful retreat calm, cozy, soothing and best of all getting all that old stuff out has made the air so much fresher and with the cancer having spread to her lungs this should make breathing a lot easier. Mona shopped all day yesterday the really tough job!! actually it is she has taken the donations and bought some wonderful things that will make Jessie feel like a princess YEAH. Cathy says "Also as always any funds you may have to donate are still welcome Mona is a great bargain shopper but the list is long." If you do have a donated call Cathy at 754-8511 or email at

Thank you again to all that have helped, we couldn't have done it without you

JESSIE'S ANGELS (thank you Debbie) :

Mike at LEWISTON PAINT for all the paint

JIM'S CARPETS for donating carpet pad and installation

GORDON'S MOVING for helping move her stuff down 3 flights of stairs

MONA for working so hard on ideas for Jess

BARN DOOR CAFE in Topsham for the yummy sandwiches

Suzanne and Celeste for coffee and donuts

Lise and her 3 sons who call Jess their Aunt

Ashly for playing with the 3 boys!!

Rita Perreault for removing wallpaper and painting the mural for Jess

An extra special thanks from Cathy to the workers at Morin's Rick, Susan, Mark, Mike and to Susan husband John

To all the donors

Tanya free massage

Evan and Mary Ellen Paione

Paul and Celeste Arsenautl and baby Preston

Laurie Danforth from KELLER WILLIAM'S


Kelly Hale

Lise Roberts

Ken Albert for contact Mardens and getting us a great deal on a chair and ottoman

Bonnie Perkins

Uncle Andy's

Twin City Times

Turner Publishing

FX MARCOTTE for the couch

LITTLE GUY PRESS made a banner

Beth Emerson

Dean Waterman

Steve and Veronica at the functional SPINE CENTER have given donation.

God Bless you all!!!!!!! I hope I didn't forget anyone!!!

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