Saturday, November 8, 2008


Who is Jessie? I will tell you what I know about Jessie. I met Jessie about 2 years ago at my work. She came in to help my boss Cathy in the office with all the paper work. I would say hello, and we would talk very little here and there. Only because I worked out back with the sander all day when she was up front in the office. I found her to be very sweet and caring. Cathy filled me in one day about what Jessie was going through. Jessie has CANCER. My heart dropped. I don't even know her, and my heart dropped. By looking at her you would never know it. Happy, loving, smiling all the time. She was told last year she had two years to live. I can't imagine being told you have two years to live. Last Tuesday Cathy went with Jessie to the airport to drop her off for her flight to John Hopkins. When Cathy got back she came up with the idea of redoing Jessie apartment. Cathy has been calling everyone she knows and even wrote a letter to the Lewiston Sun Journal of Maine, in the Sun Spot. This is what she wrote. "Dear Sun Spot: My friend Jessie has been battling stage four colon cancer for over two years. She has been so brave, but to help lift her spirits I would like to do a makeover in her apartment while she is gone to John Hopkins. It's a small apartment, but her living room furniture is very old. I have some resources, but I will need help with the furniture and carpeting. Jessica is a wonderful person who never complains and even when she has been too sick to work she volunteered at the Dempsey Center and helped many friends. She has been a volunteer at the YMCA for years and a member of the Vineyard Church. There is no one more deserving right now and this would mean the world to her. If you can help, please contact me at 754-8511 or e-mail at . Thank you to all. - Cathy"

So if there is anything you can do please call Cathy or e-mail her. Every little bit helps. Please!!!

This morning John and I drove to Lewiston to Jessie apartment to help. Cathy, and the three guys that I work with were there. Friends of Jessie were there. We ripped up the carpets, sanded all the walls, painted the trim, and started to put finish paint on the trim. The cool thing is Jessie knows nothing about this. She is coming back this coming Friday and its going to be like the home make over show. The news paper is going to be there, and maybe even TV!! It was great helping out on something that is going to make someone so happy.

There was so much dust from the vacuum Rick used when I took the picture it really showed up.

This is John ripped off the carpet on the stairs. We painted the railings white. We also paint her kitchen cabinets white, and the doors white and wow the looked so much better. Jessie will be getting new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.
I will fill you in as we go.

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